Waste Removal Services

Specializing in:


Recovery of Waste Oil

Pickup & Delivery of Antifreeze

Collection of Used Oil Filters

Recovery of Waste Water

Tank Cleaning



  • 7,000 gallon insulated trailer 
  • 3,500 & 4,000 gallon vacuum trucks 
  • (2) 5,000 gallon pump trucks
  • 5,000 gallon multi compartment truck
  • 4,500 gallon dual compartment truck 
  • 3,000 gallon vacuum truck 
  • 40 drum capacity box truck 


All commercial, industrial and municipal facilities are required to periodically perform hazardous waste determinations on their waste streams. We can assist in the sampling and testing requirements for your facility.

Connecticut Oil Recycling Services is fully permitted to package, transport and dispose of these waste streams for you: